Astrology is a scientific study and application of the language of the heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies, determined on the basis of astronomy and mathematics, are mapped in the form of horoscope. Their specific locations in the horoscope indicate specific happenings in the case of individuals, of multitudes and of geographical regions. Whether the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the starts themselves influence the terrestrial phenomena, or they only indicate such phenomena by their various dispositions, is immaterial. What is important to us is that variations in their disposition determine variations in the events on the earth. The correlations are only too strong to be brushed aside by the critics of astrology.

We have divided the entire universe or the human body into twelve equal parts, called Houses, the different influences of houses are as below:-

The 1st house denotes the affairs concerning body, sin, limbs, hair, appearance, happiness, and misery, old age, knowledge, birthplace, success, fame, reputation, pride, dreams, strength and dignity, longevity, livelihood, honour and self-respect, health and character, temperament, peace of mind, victory over enemies. It reveals his type and his physical characteristics, physical health, resistance to diseases. The initiatory purposefulness of the person can be understood here. Any feature deducted from any other house or planet has also been related to the 1st house.

The 2nd house indicates speech, wealth, acquisition, belief in tradition, nails, right eye, nose, truth and falsehood, tongue, teeth, lips, clothes, diamonds, and gems and pearls, perfumes, trade, determination, liberality, friends, splendor, financial status, financial gains or losses from dependant income by right or wrong means, spending, modesty, scholarship, living power, family, face, food, wealth, literary powers, manner and source of death, as it powerful Markasthan. It is the house of possessions and feelings of the person. It indicates earned income, resources, property and affections, early education, family, family relations, second marriage, cheerfulness and generosity.

The 3rd house refers to brothers and sister, courage, heroism, physical and moral courage, risk taking, right ear, legs, confusion of mind, fitness, paradise, pleasures, relations, friends, wanderings, throat, chest, nervous system, bones, neck, property, ornaments, learning, pastimes, bodily growth, short journeys servants, religion, neighbours and writings. It is the house of short communications, mental interest, nearest relations, younger brother and sister, mediators, brothers and neighbours. Communication here covers speeches, letters, telephone lecturing, teaching, learning, signaling, reporting, story writing, accounting, mathematics, library, information of all types, news and longevity as it is 8th form 8th house.

The 4th house signifies, mother, learning, happiness, house, lands, vehicles, ancestral property, travels, relations, friends, clothes, water and milk, perfumes, fame, trust, allegations, gardens and wells, savings, arts, knowledge of religious texts and Vedas, cows, buffaloes, horses, treasures, grains, peace of mind, happiness, comfort, promotion, domestic environment, home life, enjoyments. It indicates holy places, moral virtues, righteous conduct, meditation, mind and intellect.

The 5th house denotes children, intellect, intelligence, discretion, talent, mind morals, good behavior, sobriety, good deeds in pastlives, meditation, spiritual practice, religious ceremonies, pregnancy, discretion, mechanical arts, clothes, great actions, foresight, liaison, secrets, decorum, journalism, friends, social, life, sports, literary work, stomach, heart, religion, wisdom, satisfaction, initiation power of discrimination, position and fame.

The 6th house reveals enemies, debts, disease, obstacles, struggle, maternal uncle, step mother, arms and weapons, epidemics, competition, poison, public health, phlegm, swellings, cruel actions, insanity, boils, miserliness weariness, reproaches, consumption, heat, wounds, worries and anguish, fear of calamities, vices, sin, humiliation, eye trouble, alms, untimely food, troubles from relative, gains, extortion, poison, colic, gout, fetters, urinary troubles, venereal disease, dysentery, theft, prison, and misunderstanding. This is the house of service or work and of health.

The 7th house signifies wife or husband , public life, marriage and wedded life, infatuation, deviation from moral ideals, music, flowers and perfumes, loss of memory, genitals, sexual intercourse, success in love affairs, urine, anus, navel, feet, trade, gifts, controversies, adoption, foreign places, diplomacy, opponents, rivals, adversaries, source and manger of death and latent energies.

The 8th house reveals longevity, happiness, defeat, application to the face, urinary trouble, scrotum, excretory organs, bladder, piles, fistula, calamities, misery, laziness, fear and punishment by government, loss of money, giving debts, sin, mutilation, decapitation, mental trouble, death, legacies and gifts, unearned wealth, cause of death, wills and disgrace, birth, sex, death and after life position, deep and strong feelings, passions, occult, tantra, accidents, calamity, amputation, insult, weapons, morbid sexuality, hidden property, insurance, inheritance.

The 9th house denotes the father, religious penance, virtue, liberality, resorting to holy, reverence to elders, purity of mind, worships, exertion from learning, splendor and dignity, foreign travels, happiness, paternal property, children, wealth, cattle, rituals, auspicious occasions, good deeds, visits, charity, worship, karmas of past lives, initiation, providential help, past births, godliness, righteousness, preceptor, philosophical studies, imagination and intuitions.

The 10th house signifies profession, honour, trade, agriculture, fame, elders, livelihood, work, employer, own business, appointment, promotion, occupation, vocation, government, aristocracy, bureaucracy, status, authority, command, respect, elders, father virtuous life, thighs, backbone duty to Gods, adopted child, ambitions, energy and self-respect.

The 11th is the house of gains, elder brothers and sisters, desires, ambitions, aspirations, hope, friends, close associates, lover, compromise, lasting friendships, community, society, victory over enemies, termination of will, release from hospital or imprisonment, dependency, paternal uncle, friends, worship, learning, acquisition of wealth, cleverness, knees, testicles, elder brother, elder sister, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, longevity, left ear, legs.

The 12th house reveals feet, toes, left eye, genitals, mental trouble, fears, imprisonment, liberation, discharge of debts, enemies, loss of wealth, expenditure, extravagance, unforeseen troubles, sorrow, misfortune, punishment, imprisonment, asylums, monasteries, confinement, bad deals, secret enemy, conspiracy, occult sciences, kidnapping, looting, crime, arson, rape, poisoning, smuggling and travel abroad.

Different Houses

  • First House
    Health, longevity, Mind, Skull, Self, Native’s-childhood, Mother’s father, Father’s mother, Body structure, skull, face complexion, personality, hair.
  • Second House
    Family, wealth, speech, eyes, family friends, and relatives, Right eye, face, tongue, teeth, beauty, voice, mouth, nails, nose, cheeks throat, chin, grace, Prosperous and affluent living.
  • Third House
    Brothers, Courage, Violence, Communications, Neighbors, Younger brothers, sister, father-in-law, Ears, arms, hands, nervous system, mind, shoulders, coller bone, growth of body, heaven, library, environment surroundings, Mental instability, religious duties.
  • Fourth House
    Mother, emotions, education, learning, constructed property, conveyances, mother, maternal uncle, father-in-law, Chest, heart, breast, shoulder, lungs, arteries, diaphagram, portion above stomach.
  • Fifth House
    Children, knowledge, education, intelligence, unearned money, maternal grand-father, beloved ones, Liver, gall bladder, intestines, back, Paternal property, Mind, discretion, foresightedness, seriousness, secrets, humility piety.
  • Sixth House
    Enemies, litigation, illness, sorrow, debts, Maternal uncle, cousins, abdomen, stomach, big intensive, pancreases, urinary tract and waist, prison and Court Room.
  • Seventh House
    Wife, Husband, Partnership, Spouse, partner, opponent, competitor, step children, reproductive, organs, anus, kidneys, bladder, uterus, ovaries, Mansion, distance palce, own place.
  • Eigth House
    Longevity, Dead person, slanes, enmity, of Brothers, Testicles, Rectum, Fortunes of enemy, Happiness, worry about health, mental tensions, sorrow, worries from ailments, fear, age, longevity, idleness, disputes among brothers capital punishment.
  • Ninth House
    Father, Guru, Father as preceptor, Priest, Goodman, Guru, Teacher, Younger brother’s wife, Grandson, Thighs, Hips & Back, Temple, Coronation halls, assembly halls, distant places, Purity of mind, efforts to learn, splendor.
  • Tenth House
    Fortune, Power, Position, Father, Service and Livelihood, Father, Head of states, Presidents, Employer, mother-In-law, adopted son, knee, Joints, Backbone, Sky, Working place, Inclination to give orders, to be obeyed.
  • Eleventh House
    Gains & Elders Brothers, sister, paternal uncle, brother-in-law, close acquaintances, Shanks, left ear, left arm, Evil desires, Skill in earning, longevity, recovery from ill health. Worship of Gods/ satwik deities, wisdom, gain of desires.
  • Twelve House
    Sorrows, Confinement, Material desires, Moksha, Foreign travel, Guest, secret enemies, criminals, smugglers, Feet, left eye, Bed, Jail, Hospital, Foreign land.

Different Signs

  • Aries

    Persons associated and born with Aries sign have an original independent way of thinking and reasoning. They are combative, obstinate, impulsive, hardy, have educational pursuits,, follow scientific and philosophical pursuit, frank, out spoken, active, lascivious, courageous, stubborn and irritable. They are pioneer and have martial and aggressive spirit. They are lovers of art, beauty, elegance, have slender stature, and virile mental active.
  • Taurus

    Taurus is related to persons who are short and corpulent, broad shouldered, stocky, muscular with thick prominent neck, bright eyes, dark and curly hair and fair complexion, possess an acute and penetrating intellect, follow their own ways and principles, possess little sentimentalism, the native is even tempered, but once gets angry and shows resentment, it is difficult to control, lacks quality of forgiveness and sticks to his decisions.
  • Gemini

    To related person having tall and erect body with a broad forehead, clear big eyes, snub noses and wavering mind. He is master of mechanical sciences but a jack of all trades, vivacious, spirited, inconsistent, lack of self control, fraudulent, good in communicative intelligence, reading, writing and correspondence, self expression, talkative, intelligent, adaptable, bad manager, lacks command over others.
  • Cancer

    Cancer represent person with medium build of the body and reveals round face, peculiar nose, fair complexion, weak constituting. The native is highly intelligent, bright, frugal, industrious, sympathetic, miser, coward, highly sensitive, queer, nervous, emotional, quick to become sullen and moody, morbidly touchy, romantic, more attached to his family, sociable, introvert, talkative etc.
  • LEO

    Leo represents natives with majestic appearance, broad shoulders, boldness, respectful demeanor and bilious temperament, ambition, adaptability, avaricious, self-centered, orthodox in religious practices, interested in literature and fine arts, philosophical pursuits, ominous, noble dignified, energetic, forgiving, generous, tolerant, helpful, enthusiastic, having deep urge for self expression, strong willed, powerful disposition, courage and affection, dominating by nature etc.

    Virgo represents extreme intelligence, deep memory, sensitive nature, interest in art and literature, emotional and impulsive, physical and chemical sciences, restless activities, symbolic of purity, inviolability, sacredness, self-conscious, shy, conscientious, able to face serious problems, methodical, practical, orderly, sensible, intellectual, interested in languages, nutrition, slow, tardy, indulges in self pity etc.

    Libra is associated with medium height, broad face, fine eyes, broad chest, handsome appearance, phlegmatic constitutions, sensuousness, keen observation, wonderful foresight. He has firm convictions, susceptible to the feelings of the others, idealist, influenced by religion guided by intuition, loves and cherished truth, honesty, freedom and fair play, self expressive, has communicative intelligence, appreciates beauty and art, has good taste, harmonious relationship and longing for beauty etc.

    It refers to generous disposition, fierce eyes, youthfulness, lives excitement, unsteady mind, sensuous, philosophical, fond of friends, passionately loves good music, fine arts, least regard for convention and customs, tolerant , silent, dignified, good writer, brilliant conversationalist, fixed emotions, inner conflict, energy and power to initiate, driving force in taking new ventures, great endeavour to realize his goals, determined, self confident, hard working, believes in extremism, assertive and willing.

    A person associated with Sagittarius is corpulent, obscene, phlegmatic, but practical, orhtodix, has interest in occult sciences, callous, obdurate, prompt, enthusiastic, believes in pomp and show, God fearing, honest, free from hypocrisy, has self control and humility, pleasant manners, brilliant frank, bold and ambitious, optimist, justice, living, broad minded, independent, generous, methodical, especially interested in studied pertaining to law etc.

    The person is of tall stature, plenty of hair, prominent teeth, thin face and sunken eyes, adaptable to various environment and circumstance. He as aspirations, modesty, liberality and affectionate behavior, spendthrift, strong willed, persevering stoic, interested in literate, education, mathematics, science and technology, easily becomes vindictive and prejudiced, confident, prudent, patient, thrifty, approach , polite.

    It signifies fascinating appearance and pleasing manners, elegant disposition, inflexible, intelligent and friendly, impulsive, quick to overcome anger, helpful, affectionate, good speaker and writer, shy, timid, reserved, good conversationalist, interested in technical studies, has power of intuiting, has the ability to form a good judgment of men and things, dependable, honest and trustworthy, sympathetic, supports etc.

    It relates to person who are romantic, restless, imaginative, philosophical, idealist, sympathetic, generous, compassionate, tender, gentle, gracious, helpful and humane, benevolent, charitable, God fearing, religious, superstitious, orthodox, stubborn, timid, ambitions, highly educated, interested in antiquity mythology, history, literature, arts and philosophy, loves music.