Om, Caronl Ann and Hal

I hope you and your family are well.


We sat for shaktipat last night (our time) as arranged. We will do so again tonight as arranged.


Night One for Carol Ann: At the appointed time I prayed to Mother Kundalini Shakti and asked her to shower her grace on me. Almost immediately I felt a jolt of energy go through me. My body began moving around while I was sitting on the chair. I felt slightly drunk and I felt myself roaring like a lion…it wasn’t a loud roar, just emissions of a heavy, roaring sound under my breath, but there was some power to it. Each roar lasted about one minute. Then I felt some shaking going on in the region of my waist and in my upper body. The kriyas continued intermittently and my neck was moved around a bit, like a snake. About halfway into the session, I noticed my husband was very quiet so I began to talk to him in a slurred voice, calling him, “Boy”. None of it made sense, it was just childlike utterances encouraging him to open up himself to the Mother. The slightly drunk, carefree feeling continued all through the one hour session. Whenever I felt myself quiet, I would ask Mother Kundalini Shakti to shower me with more grace and I would feel the energy descending again; shaking me up gently while I roared quietly, feeling drunk. There were no dances or intense shaking – everything was subtle. When the session ended, I thanked the Mother, the Gurus of the Siddha lineage, you, Guru Madan and went to bed feeling a little drunk.


Night One for Hal: At the appointed time, he prayed to the Mother and waited. He had thoughts about the different ways he had known snakes throughout his life. He had a frozen, heavy feeling in his body. That was all and it lasted throughout the session. He had a dizzy feeling before and after the session. He thanked The Mother, The Gurus and you Guru Madan for all assistance before and after the sessions.


Night Two for Carol Ann: At the appointed time, I prayed to the Mother asking for her grace. I had to wait for about ten minutes before I felt any physical experience. When the kriyas began occurring, my hands began jerking and shaking themselves. Then I began to beat my thighs with my hands. It was very intense. My head was moved around again like a snake but in a gentle way. Then I began to roar like a lion – this time more intensely, as if I were trying to blow away everything that stood in my way. I got up and danced a bit – well it was more like moving around my body than dancing. Then I sat down and began to sing in a high voice. For a few minutes I felt my hands moving up to my face and then my fingers began to tap my face and scalp furiously. When that stopped, my fingers began to massage my face gently. The drunken feeling was present but it was milder than the night before. I beat my thighs with my hands again and again and there was much energy expended. While sitting, I would feel the upper portion of my body moving around in circles on the chair. The session ended and I thanked Mother Kundalini Shakti, the Gurus and you Guru Madan for your help.


Night Two for Hal: At the appointed time, he prayed to the Mother Kundalini Shakti and acknowledged the Gurus of the Lineage and you Guru Madan. He had thoughts about how tired he is of this world and saw a picture of himself when he was a child, writhing on the floor like a snake. He used to do that a lot as a child. He felt some itchy tingles at the bottom of his feet and mild cramping in his right leg and foot. He felt his neck being moved around like a snake in a clockwise direction. This lasted about 30 seconds. Then he was led into stillness again; certain muscles began to twitch making his arm or leg move a little. Emotionally he felt like he was anticipating and dreading the shedding of an old skin, the way a snake sheds its skin.


He was quiet for the rest of the session. At the end, he thanked The Mother, the Gurus and your good self.


So this is what happened so far. Hal is of the Snake Clan in Native American tradition. I have been feeling ‘cleaner’ on an energy level, as if I am being scrubbed clean by the Mother and old samskaras are losing power.


Thank you so much.

Om, Carol Ann and Hal

March 24, 2012
Greetings Madan