I have finally complied my 10 day experience in your wonderful presence in India in April. It is posted in the Kundalini Maha Siddha Yoga tribe group. It has long been over due and for that I am deeply sorry.


You have been most patient and always expressing your concern for my well being – how much more grateful and blessed could I be? I hope that in this life time I can return the gratitude for all of your guidance and blessing.


I do not wish to over shadow the many new seekers who find you here, since I am already a devoted student I only wish to share that after a year and 10 months I am still in awe of this gift you have blessed me with, I live every day seeking to me more and more in balance and to be in sync with the divine dance of Kundalini Shakti. in deepest gratitude Om Charlyne If anyone wishes to read my experience here is the link:…d7452ab089

October 3, 2010 ,
Namaste Guruji