First a little explanation is needed to defining the Shaktipat: the awakening of the kundalini through the Guru (means Master in India). Shaktipat is a secret way to awaken the Kundalini Shakti of the disciple by the power of a Guru who normally has sworn in a line. Only sincere seekers are qualified to receive such an initiation.


Because the characteristics of all other methods of Yoga, based on individual effort, begin to occur spontaneously after awakening and activation by Shaktipat, this method is called Maha Yoga, Yoga large. Shaktipat is the traditional method by which a Guru awaken you spiritually. After reading the book “The Yoga Shaktipat” by Ravindra Kumar I got interested more deeply on the subject, something drawing me, calling me. After some Internet searches I realized there was a lot of gurus performing the shaktipat (the author of The Yoga Shaktipat although warn the reader of the difficulty of finding a real Master) whose initiation is carried out in Belgium and France, so I contacted directly the person shown on the website for more information: He proved in this case that this shaktipat was made by video conference because the Guru couldn’t move cause of the very important disciple receiving initiation.


I do not review this approach and how to do, but I do not feel at all attracted to this approach and have therefore continued my search and finally drop onto the page where there was a lot of testimony that seemed sincere and very positive, always ending by thanking the Master to be awake. I directly contacted the Master: “Yogi Madan Gautam” after reading all the testimony. He answered all my questions with great ease (he also made clear that I do not need any preparation or knowledge of specific meditation or anything) and invited me to come to India to receive my initiation if such was my desire.


I agreed directly and took my steps to be able to come join him two months later. When I arrived at Yogi Madan Gautam (near dheli around 2am) I received a warm welcome, his wife gurumai (name given to the wife of a Lord) made us tea and we sat there talking.Yogi madan explained the specific ways to meditate during and after the initiation which differs widely from all the technique I have approached till now.He explained me the nature of things, human relations and the way of finding a balance always by refering to nature and animals. He explained me as well what a good Guru is: he never ask money for shaktipat initiation, he is there to awaken the disciple and never impose anything, a Guru always watch over the disciples and remains in constant contact with them to guide them … We talked about many other things but it would take too long to recount here.


This exciting conversation ended around 7:30 am, then he asked me if I was still in shape to begin a meditation. To my surprise I was not tired at all (after more or less the 24 hours of travel) and approved. 1st session on 04-01-10 from 7:30 am At 9: Yogi madan asked me to put myself in a comfortable position and begin meditation with closed eyes and to let come the different reaction and expression of the body. After a moment I began to move, shake and then sing a mantra that came to me instinctively (which I already knew) “om namah sivaya” I must say I felt nothing special, except a lot of freedom, serenity and gentle pressure to the third eye. I should also clarify that I never meditate more than half an hour in a row but here the time passed so quickly without any psychological resistance.


After meditation Yogi madan said that my Shaktipat would be done quickly, that I was well prepared. And by doing 2-3 sessions during 3 days the initiation should be done. He said he also knew that my approach was sincere and that after the initiation he recommended me to meditate at least 1 hour per day and should be between 6 months and years to except the rise of Kundalini and have my channel fully open. Our conversation finished around 12pm and I went to sleep for 2h. 2nd Session 04-01-10 from 18h to 19h: Again I let me go, the automatic movement quickly began, Yogi madan put music during each session (this is optional), it carried me with the singing of the Guru and that of Gurumai. I moved and turned like a spin on myself but kept my lotus position, my movements were sometimes a resonance, then I shouted: “Om Shivaya” on the rhythm of the music. They were throwing flower petals and I suddenly smelt a strange odor. 3rd Session 05-01-10 from 07h to 9am:


I began meditating alone in the lotus position on the ground as usual in the lounge. For the first time in the quiet, with my hands I touched my chakras and the injected energy gave answers. My meditation deepens with the time and energy was clearly felt. After a while I went to sit in the chair because my position was becoming uncomfortable. The movement began slowly, Guru madan arrived to give further impetus to the movement, he also put strong pressure on the third eye. The movements now deeply installed were running this session to a showdown until the congratulated hits me, emotions came out through my eyes, my body started to shake , I could not continue the automatic movements (the music was glorious).


The trembling and tears flowed until that settles the calm and joy. Then I began to dance to thank the universal force and finally I inclined to my master. 4th Session 05-01-10 from 12 am to 13h: Start on the ground in the lotus position, as usual the automatic movements quickly took their place, then I began to breathe rapidly and I felt an intense vibration but very short. Around half of the session I went to sit on the chair and I began to recite following mentra “om nava shiva” and more than mentra “Om” out loud. The resonance was very beautiful, the sound becoming increasingly long, it was as if there were unsuspected reserves of air available to the mantra, every time I thought coming after my breath a new air supply came to me.


All that mixed, it’s like I heard all the letters by reciting only one. After this meditation I felt peaceful and inner quiet, 5th Session 05-01-10 of 18h10 to 19h Before I start I asked my guides to prepare me for the coming of the Almighty. The automatic movements came immediately, Guru madan approached me and after a while whispered me the Shakti. I saw my body as the universe, every organ and part of my body was celebrating the coming of divine energy, my heart was the sun and the moon at the same time, they freeded the energy of the universe and I had visions of nature, landscapes, animals in peace and calm, everything was full of joy and complete harmony. They were me and I was them. The intense emotion of joy was flowing out of my eyes, there was resistance at first, my ego wanted to end this state but Shakti was stronger. What happiness! Guru Madan thank you! Guru madan then explained me that I lived the UNION, 1, EVERYTHING.The unity with space, land, plants and animals It is true that at this moment I realized that we all join, that everything is connected and comes from the same source. This has lead me to feel a deep respect to every being. 6th Session 06-01-10 from 7:15 am to 08h25 Start on the ground in the lotus posture, automatic movements and feeling of some chakras.


After a while I went to sat on the couch, strong shaking, then Guru madan arrived and hit my third eye and crown chakra.To follow it he started a rotation and touched the heart chakra. I had again the vision of nature, animals and the cycle of the 4 elements. The feeling of harmony made me began to cry. This time there was a mixture of sadness and joy even if the vision was full of harmony. After that session my Guru madan said to let the shakti having a free hand, not to try to control, allowing it to act, to trust him. Do not repress his feelings or his wishes and let nature while watching over her. Let the body relax and so flexible that he is free of any movement. 7th Session 06-01-10 from 11am to 12pm The session was hold only sitting on a chair, the movement quickly started, then I had the vision of angels, elfs, queens, fairy and other elementary entities greeting me, the image of the universe appeared to me several times. This is the first time that madan guru ended the meditation, because we had to go. 8th session 07-10-01 of 05h at 7:10 am Automatic movements, deep breathing and visualization of prana that enters the lungs and then spread it out through the body.


Viewing of the 3rd eye. Felt a strange vibration while stopping the automatic movement at the root chakra. I had the vision of one eye and in his reflection I could see the sun. Conversation the day before the initiation Guru madan asked me if my doubts were dissipated and if I got what I came for. I told him to be honest I had imagined something else before comingI imagined I could feel the energy coming from him and inside of me, what it does not happen as I had imagined, I also thought that I would have no control over the automatic movements meanwhile I could always maintain control over everything if I wanted. Then there were the vision and embodiment in nature, space, animals and the feelings of energy from a different nature . The emotions brought harmony and deep peace. Finally there is also the change in the way of seeing things that made that my doubts are dissipated and I must say I got more than expected. Madan Guru replied that everyone reacts differently and live things differently, the importance is the honesty, trust and devotion. Do not attach to the phenomenon and especially do not try to reproduce them, it could just slow down the progress and perhaps even block it. Trust in the Shakti, the Guru and let the natural course happend. Finally he said that he felt that I was ready for initiation and it will take place tomorrow.


Initiation Shaktipat 08-01-10 Before initiation we (Guru Madan ,his son and me) went to buy fruits and flowers as a present for madan Guru and the other lineage (not living on this flat) and a carpet for meditation (called Aasan ). Then I took a shower and got ready. Meanwhile Guru madan prepared the place of ceremony: He put his assan opposite of mine, between us there was at the coronation of the Ganges (which is a sacred river in India), the sacred fire of incense, fruits, flowers, powder of sandal-wood, raw rice and rolls of thread. On the side there were the pictures of our lineage Gurus: MAHAYOGA THIRTH. I put me on my Assan and Guru madan arrived in beautiful orange coat and went to sit in front of me on his Aasan. He started me to re-explain in what it involves entering the line of AIDS Mahayoga Thirth: Devotion, Liver, Honesty, Practice … He then took his oak Rudraksha (equivalent to a rosary) and started whispering mentras. Then he made me repeat after him the application, the sacred covenant, the word that resembles the sacred covenant of marriage. Then it was he who recite my pact and admitted me, To follow he blessed me with the water, passed the sacred fire mark with sandal-wood powder and then I marked him (level of the third eye) and I made it into a grain of rice. After we mutually put the thread around the wrist strap as bracelet.


Pui Guru madan offered me a Rudrakshas necklace and a scarf (or rather a chaal Stchada made of pure Pachmina wool), (I omit to express certain details that are revealed only to the insider) After the ceremony we meditate together. Guru Madan recited a mentra out loud and I felt the energy coming out of his mouth coming to me. After a moment he stood up and touched my head at the crown chakra and the emotions directly came up, the tears were flowing several times during this meditation. After meditation as I opened my eyes I realized I was not anymore at all in the line of departure. Gurumai joined us and was still in deep meditation, guru madan he had a beautiful smile. Thank you for that wonderful introduction. 09-01-10 1 hour of meditation 3 Today another disciple came to meditate with the Guru and me. The automatic movements started quickly followed by shivering, the hairs of my body straightened. The emotions came already after the first minutes. Several visions came to me during this session, one where I was a Shaman / Guru or Mage in the middle of the woods excusing a ritual before a fire and everything around the fire and me were all sorts of animals watching at me carefully.


Another vision I had was of a mountain and everywhere there were people climbing, at the top of it there was a very deep whole leading to the center of the base of that mountain and at this specific place there is a sun,There was also a fluorescent purple colour who appeared in an abstract form. 10-01-10 from 02h to 03h. I woke up at 01h30 and couldn’t sleep no longer so I got up and meditated.Very quickly I had visions followed of intense tears, I found myself in the woods again incarnate as old shaman or other, there was a tent and on the side a blue eyes wolf, I was at the tent stirring small pieces of wood and small bones. I mumbled a foreign language and felt great pain as if a great drama were happening at that time, and again in my vision I do not cry anytime.There were lots of other little visions of nature, the jungle and also a nice little; wearing like a Peruvian tunic stripped smiling at me.


During this session a word came to me Katenga or KATONG I do not know exactly and I don’t know not what it means.Throughout this session my chakra was feeling well. 10-01-10 from 03h to + or – 04h30 After my meditation I tried to sleep again but unsuccessfully. I then began my relaxation followed by a meditative walk (which is a display base for regression) Suddenly I find myself in the Himalayas (in any case it was in the area) on a snowed top, it was beautiful, the sky was clear and the sun warmed me. I went down the slope and I found myself in front of a cave, I decided to enter and discovered a man with long beard, it was Swami Narayan Dave Thithi One of our Guru lineage. He invited me to sit around the fire. Before I settled down I inclined me to him touching his foots by demanding his grace. The fire was different from all the fire I saw before I can’t explain it to me even the emitted light was different from a conventional fire. Once installed I asked him the secret of IQ. He replied that part of the secret was in the fire. While he answered me it’s like the scene where we were , came Inside my body.He said that this fire should always be sufficient and that he would now make me feel where this fire is.


It was then that I felt an energy flowing through my foots and focused at this specific location.Then I asked him why all these emotions of sadness came out of me during some meditation. He gave me the vision of human bones and he told me that they were all close. I deduced that there was indeed a tragedy in a past life.Then he told me it was time to separate us and that I could see him whenever I wanted. I touched his foots (as the disciple does when he greets his master)and returned to myself, always keeping the sensation of energy who gradually fade Inside of me. I could sleep only around 6am 11-01-10 from 03h to 04h Again I woke up after being unable to sleep. I therefore took the opportunity to do my meditation.


Automatic movements, deep breathing and appearance (vision) of the Guru Swami Narayan Tirtha Dave he touched my solar plexus chakra and I felt a power transmission focusing on this chakra, Then he asked me to contemplate the fire there in. By then I felt the energy flowing from my root chakra and crown. I also recited the mentra Om nava shiva ” This was my last meditation before returning by aircraft to my country. Before returning Guru madan said he had high hopes that I realized quickly. I thank them for their kindness, their sense of sharing and enlightenment they gave me without ever asking anything in return. Guru Mdan Gautam is a great Guru and guides: simple, honest, well sure.


I know that my story will appear in the eyes of some as an imaginary story or storyteller. However I assure you that I have written as I lived and shared hoping to help any sincere seeker to find the required information. Others will see may be something miraculous, magical or satanic. Again I promise you there’s nothing more natural than to let her body speak if it is physical, mental or psychological . There are no miracles and certainly no satanic. Here the first goal is to achieve, to find inner peace and live in harmony with everything around us and make every moment more beautiful life experience. Each initiation Shaktipat is different and everybody will live in his own way, from his personality. We must trust and let the Shakti, the rest is done automatically.

February 10, 2010 ,
Here is my testimony about my shaktipat initiation