Thank you very much for your patience awaiting my feedback on the Kundalini Shaktipat you so graciously gave me. I had a deeply moving experience, and wanted to take some time to process it before relating it to you. As I mentioned to you in the beginning, I had a Kundalini awakening many years ago, but was anxious for greater progress beyond my intermediate Kundalini rising.


I am infinitely grateful to be able to say that the Kundalini Shaktipat from you has helped me to progress further! My humblest thanks to you, Yogiji Madan. OM I will now relate my experiences as they occurred. I have spent many years researching information on Kundalini in my quest for greater awakening, and feel fairly well versed for a westerner in matters of the Subtle body, including: Chakras, Nadis, and Vayus. However, in case you decide to share my experiences with others, I will relate them with as little ‘technical’ terms as possible. Our first day was the first day of the new moon. I woke up before 5 a.m., and began to meditate as instructed at the appointed time. I felt energy filling my body very soon, accompanied by a sense of joy.


At perhaps the 10 minute point if felt a ‘pop’ in my inner being – not actually localized at one spot (which surprised me). It was subtle, but definite. I then began to feel a gradual increase in the energies in and around my neck and head. For much of the time the sensations felt like subtle churning in the center of my upper chest, my throat, my jaws, and my back teeth. It was much like waves of mild energy rolling around inside me and near me. Although I was elated that I could feel the movement of my Kundalini, I endeavored to maintain the stance of observer. Once the hour was over, I continued to feel the energies churning around my neck and jaws for several hours, gradually diminishing. I felt a happy peace all day.


On the second day, the energies once again filled my body, and within 10 minutes started concentrating on my right eye, and the bones surrounding the area. Although I continued to feel the churning energies everywhere from my neck upward, the most activity remained focused on my right eye. It was more intense and felt like rapid pin-point tingles in specific places, constantly moving in the eye area. It was not unpleasant, just very different from the previous activity. During this time I occasionally had brief mental images, sounds and/or feelings of people, places or circumstances, all of which felt ‘familiar’, even if I did not consciously recognize them. However, these were few, and all passed though my consciousness very quickly. About ten minutes before the hour was over the intense energy then began to diminish and spread across my face to include the area at the bridge of my nose, my other eye and my cheeks. By the time the hour was over I was once again experiencing the mild rolling energy in my neck and lower head. The energies abated more quickly than on the first day. Day three seemed to take a bit longer for the energies to start moving again. This time the main activity felt to be in the cheek, upper jaw and ear area. I likened the sensation to that of ‘scrubbing bubbles’. Not abrasive, but very active, and cleansing in nature.


This lasted through to about the half-way mark, then abated and the familiar mild churning sensation took over again from neck through lower head. However, I felt more energized after the hour was over than I had the previous 2 days. On the forth day, the churning seemed to divide, residing mainly in the vicinity of my neck and my forehead (throat chakra- Vishuddha, and brow chakra- Ajna). Although the movement of energy in each area was independent, I got the impression that they were working together, as well. This separate-but-together movement was more pronounced than the ‘normal’ churning energy, but only lasted about 10-15 minutes.


After this the remainder of the meditation was the familiar low-level energy from my neck up though my head to just below the top. Once again, fleeting familiar visions/sounds/feelings passed through my consciousness. The energies diminished rather rapidly after the meditation and were gone within about 15 minutes. Day five was at first seemed less dramatic than some of the others, with more of the mild rolling/churning energy in the same areas as previous days, with the occasional fleeting vision/sound/impression. However, sometime after the half-way point I began to experience sudden jabs of slight pain in the crown area, like a pin/needle prick. The sensations were mild, and very short-lived. The final 10-15 minutes of the meditation were then back to the familiar churning/rolling, from my neck to below my crown. The final day seemed surprisingly uneventful.


The churning energies returned, but this time filled me from the neck through the top of my head. The occasional fleeting impressions came through, but no other experiences came about. At the end I felt peaceful, but tired, and eventually took a nap. I admit that I thought that was the end of it, and expected that new things would gradually unfold in my life in response to the Kundalini Shakti process. However, the night of my last meditation was very different. During the evening as I was working, I suddenly noticed that I had ‘spots’ I my vision. This was familiar to me as ‘aura’ associated with migraine. I had not had a migraine in many years, and was surprised at the return. The onset was faster than I remembered, and the visual distortion took up my entire field of vision. I could no longer work, as I could not concentrate on anything. I tried to continue to read, but found I could not interpret the letters on the computer screen in from of me. I felt disconnected. The situation forced me to quit work for the night, handing over my shift to someone else, and go directly to bed. In the morning, although the visual distortion was gone, I had a low-level headache which lasted for 2 more days.


After one week, I now feel ‘normal’ again, but can somehow place myself in that ‘disconnected’ consciousness that I had the night after the Kundalini Shaktipat, just by thinking about it. It is an unusual state of mind/no-mind, which I recognize as a gift that I should explore further. However, I shall also endeavor to remain mindful not to allow myself to get caught up in the sensations, as my Kundalini shows me new horizons. It is not my intention to infer that others will have similar experiences, including a migraine, from the Kundalini Shaktipat. It is simply one way that my body reacts to change.


Although it was uncomfortable during that one point in my process, I totally feel that the end result was more than worth it. I highly encourage all seekers to partake of Kundalini Shaktipat from you, most honorable Yogiji Madan. I am sure that they will experience much greater spiritual development as a result of the process. Thank you very much Yogiji Madan! I am eternally grateful to you and your entire lineage for your assistance. If it is possible to have Kundalini Shaktipat with you again in the future, please let me know, as I enthusiastically welcome it! In Loving Service, Marian Putzig

September 29, 2010 ,
Dear Yogi Madan,