To all seekers and those interested in the Blessing that is brought through the awakening of the Goddess Kundalini: I was initiated into this path by Yogi Madan in January of 2009. it has now been a little over a year and I wanted to write up a little update. First I want to thank Yogi Madan. Yogi Madan has proven to be the most caring and sincere person I have meet in my life.

Through my whole awakening process Yogi Madan has been there to guide me and make sure all was going well. It is true that with out the grace of a True Guru the awakening of Kundalini can be very traumatic. Yogi Madan was always present to answer my questions and concerns. Not once did I ever feel frighten or concerned about my well being.

Yogi Madan is not just a bestow’er of Shaktipat, but an honest and sincere person who truly does want to help other people. Since the beginning of Yogi Madan’s Great Lineage, Shaktipat has been passed down from one Great Guru to the next… never bought or sold, or even traded. This is a gift that is given freely to those who sincerely seek it. Yogi Madan did not ask me to write this, this is something I wanted to do for him because he has given so much of his time and patience in helping me – I wanted to be able to do something in return.

Many people have written to me to ask how have I progressed. Well, it is very hard for me to explain to each person since I would have to tell them everything about my life for them to be able to understand the effects and changes that have taken place. I can honestly say though, that I am living a much fuller life that before. Kundalini is not something that is only with me during meditation, I feel the Goddess everyday and every moment. Sometimes strong energy rising from my chest, other times pressure on the back of my neck.

But it is not the sensations or energy that has had the biggest impact but the Goddess her self. To go through a Kundalini awakening for me was to know my true self, some call this the inner Guru, the God within each of us. I dont think that I have reached that center yet, but I think I am experiencing the layers that lead to it.

The only was I can describe what I am going through is to say that ” Kundalini is so unique and personal to each one of us yet at the same time it is so universal because it exists within each of us and all things.” And the Next most wonderful thing is to have a teacher like Yogi Madan. Kundalini It is not only the map but also the path to self realization. And I thank Yogi Madan for lighting that path for me. OM

February 2, 2010 ,