Shakti means “energy” and pat means to “descend”.

Shaktipat is a method by which an individual’s kundalini is awakened by the direct intervention of a guru. It is the transfer of divine energy to the aspiring disciple to Open all his chakras and removal of all kinds of blockages for accelerated growth. Energy is given in all chakras which can be later sensed in more sittings.

There are also a variety of mechanisms for conveying Shaktipat. These include: by glance, by word or mantra, by touch or simply by intention. Intention is used while doing distance Shaktipat.

The term Shakti path is essentially tantric in nature and is the highest of all Tantra. Many people mistake the word tantra to have a negative connotation, as it is associated with much Speculation today. Every thing is about awareness today. The more aware we are the more better we become and to know the answers we have to first know the question and what exactly is this question and how do we find it. The question is are you “aware” to the level of self realization.

Man is one fourth conscious. All our literature and techniques show us how to make ourselves more aware and attuned to higher self. We struggle to make ourselves more conscious in terms of the faculty of mind And it takes years to awaken our sleeping mind .The mystery lies nowhere but within ourselves only ,that is why we say god is within us, as god made us in his Image.

We use hath yoga, breath techniques, meditation, mantra diksha etc to tame our mind and explore further, but where we want to go and why we want to go there is the latent question, once you have this answer you will know which road to follow.

One should not jump into things just because it sounds getting something Superior in nature or adding one more qualification in your basket of spiritual endeavors. This is not like a programme where you get a certificate to Validate your authenticity, your capabilities as a sadhak depends upon Your practice and the reason of the practice. Once you know you have reached, there is no need to prove anything in “Material terms”.

Marriage & Shaktipat

There are two kinds of version here in one the diksha is given to married couple and another where the disciple is bhramacharya has no family life.

There is an age old notion that the sadhak has to leave everything to get self realization, it is very important to remember that we should not curtail any desire forcefully unless it happens voluntarily abstaining from sexual contact might not get you enlightment but it can hamper your mental health if you have the desire for it.

Since god has given us these senses of hunger, thirst etc to keep us connected With the material aspect of life we have to respect the nature in its glory. The only way to get full realization is practice dutifully under guidance with no Instant hope of achieving something but slowly, as your karmas are going to stand In your way to self realization and to cut them all down is a pretty hard task to do It can take years maybe life times , so there is no guarantee method in shaktipath deeksha the guru cannot simply neutralize all your karmas which you have accumulated since primordial time, but yes the guru actually cuts as much to let you experience shakti in its glory and show you the way to realization, therefore the gurus hesitate to give mass shaktipath deeksha but still the gurus act accordingly to the signals from the lineage gurus and take permission before conducting such events of mass gathering as astral help is much needed.

Sometimes the sadhak may not feel anything at all. There are various causes for it. First it is your acceptance level and the acceptance of you as a self into the realm of shaktipath if the karmas are deep rooted and the time has not come for you to experience shakti then it wont happen for you, the other possibility is that you are destined to receive shakti from yet another guru/channel.

To receive deeksha ones mind must be free of all mental activities like reasoning thinking, visualizing, day dreaming etc presence of both body and mind is necessary. There is nothing for the disciple to do like a breathing technique. Just a simple surrender and receptiveness and reverence for the giving guru, is all what is needed. Further instructions cannot be disclosed right now.

A total of 21 sittings are ideally recommended with the guru of 2 hrs each.


one important fact is that usually the most suppressed desire comes forth during the transfer of shakti, it can be anything if you have been unhappy since a long time there will be need to fill that gap with happiness and tears might flow as an outcome of it, some might laugh uncontrollably as we have different reactions for the same situations but the shakti has to first balance our basic mental makeup before it begins to float us into a spiritual journey. Our mental make up is based upon our fulfillment of desires here on this earth if we have suppressed sexual desire then there is a chance that you might feel constant orgasm in the mind for a prolonged time till the physical body is satisfied it cannot let you slip away into mental tranquility.

It is only when all the senses desire no more that we can move forward with full Stomach to god one cannot be hungry and go to god his desire will bind him and Pull him back to material aspect .i am not asking you to eat before sadhna but This is an example for beginners later all the dynamics change as we have examples of people doing severe penance without food for days together. Have you ever seen a beggar talking god/realization, rarely I guess!! in this Kalyuga.

This is the reason that life was divided into four segments in ancient India.

First one was student life ie being celebate Second was (grishastha) married life Third was vanprasth ie partial renunciation of material life Fourth was sanyas ie total non attachment from material life. Time taken out for self realization. when all duties and aspirations are fulfilled.

First complete the materialistic duty as a human being as you have duties towards your family friends, as we are born in relations and acquire more duties to be fulfilled only then can we proceed further without doing injustice but if you can balance both then its an added advantage without neglecting worldly duty.

One should not forget to wear one most important thing which is the right attitude For bhakti as this is the only service to god. Nothing will get you through not your Treasures nor position nor connections power etc but inward journey towards The centre of your heart which should be free from greed and manipulations.

Religion & Shaktipat

Shaktipat Is not tainted with religion, every sincere sadhak is welcome and We expect him to share his wonderful knowledge with us and further enlighten us With his treasure of experiences.

We only give out information of lineage as they can be called upon for help while meditating and better experiences, besides every experience is an outcome of joint efforts.